Looking back reaching the destination. Connecting the dots.

I am currently wrapping up this DICoDE project that kept me active for a while now. You can say I’ve been working on it for 18 months, with the focus on writing a book… Or for 2 to 3 years since I left Sanoma and found that IME’s Value Chain can be a great starting point for helping Media and Entertainment companies in their mediamorphosis… Or even 10 years since I started working at a Telecom corp’s Media initiative…
But ultimately, I realize, through Design Thinking, System Thinking, my Passion for Design, my Quest for Purpose and so much more, that it all makes sense to me since I started questioning myself about my place in this world. And maybe how my parents, my teachers, my friends and family shaped me in the early years is also part of it.

So I started looking back through my Slideshare presentations. And I believe these 5 ones can highlight interesting things around this DICoDE quest. Let me guide you…

This first one dates back to August 2008. We just launched Cleverwood and I wanted to position this company as a THINK consulting company in New Media. I didn’t know yet that I really meant MEDIA and that, almost a year later, this Business Class at IME would  pave the way for DICoDE. Some important elements were already present in this preso like the power shift to the user, the value chain logic with some key steps like the SIM, the link between virtual and real world, the convergence between Media and Technology, the huge potential of (Telco) Infrastructures, the ultimate quest being Innovation, including Business Models, fundamental disruption in Apple’s strategy in the hugely potential Mobile Market. All this in 21 slides. =o)

This second one was given at the 2nd Belgian chapter of Mobile Monday a couple of months later. I felt that there was something to be told around platforms in Mobile, at the junction of Technology and Media. I haven’t even seen IME’s Value Chain yet but I already drafted one (slide 5) and knew that mapping actors would have an importance in understanding the ecosystem. My experience back then at Sanoma taught me that Content alone couldn’t thrive. Platforms (aggregators, as I understood it later) and modern Business Models were crucial for success. I was in a world of campaigns, one-shots, issues… and I felt we needed a meeting point between complementors (advertisers in this case) and users. That’s when we developed with Carole Lamarque and BlueTalk our Mobile Magazines. This 22-slide preso and this interview for AWT tried to pass the message to the community.

This 3rd one happened after the class at IME. I was so excited by what I learned in New York and the thoughts it generated that I wanted to share it with the Cleverwood people. Unfortunately, maybe because of the limited size of the community at that time, it didn’t create any interesting dynamic.

These are the real roots of DICoDE: the basic value chain, the clusters of trends like Regulation, Business Model Innovation, Disruption… and a better understanding of platforms mechanics. All this seeing the value chain as a game board already and seeing Innovation as THE solution! In 14 slides!

This brings us to the original DiCoDE 2010 that gathered all these trends, and more or less filtered and augmented this Value Chain. It has been created for a speech at Belgian’s yearly Mobile Marketing Forum where it has been very well received. You can read the rest on this post.

And now, here we are with the 2011 version, augmented with the Business Models dimension that was always in the back of my mind and that people like Alex Osterwalder (through the Business Model Generation book) and Nick & Phil from Board of Innovation helped to make emerge.
These latest evolutions have been developed out of Cleverwood (that I left in the meantime) receiving great feedback from people I met in places like Mobile Monday, Webmission, Café Numérique… and through online networks like LinkedIn and Twitter!
Carole even used it at a recent Mobile Monday to explain the Yelo initiative she designed at Telenet.

I’m very curious about your advice on it, so don’t hesitate to comment! I just finished it 3 days ago and I’m preparing already the 2012 version that could gather all that I learned in these past years…in a simple, convenient and actionable way!

[Update December 15th 2011]: Just forgot this intro/outro speech at the Cleverwood Trends Session on “What Women want in Mobile” where I also use the value chain to set the stage. Carole (again, yes! ;o) and Mélanie did a great job tackling the topic in a Media and Telecom point of view!

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