Microsoft inspiring me again!

8 Insights About The Coming Era Of Interactive Design

A few days ago, early in the year habit, I updated my LinkedIn profile to better fit my current activities and to prepare my goal for 2013: finding a structure where I can develop my full potential in 2014. I added the projects I am working on, mostly DICoDE, Leanovation and the Media Innovation Lab I’d like to launch in Brussels. I also added the fields of research/thoughts that animate me in parallel.
Fabian Tilmant LinkedIn profile excerpt - projectsI feel a connection between these and my current projects as well as among themselves. I’d love to research more on this, but I feel tired pushing my limits for more than 4 years now. I really feel the need of challenging my thoughts with other experts, of taking part into bigger processes (for experimenting, communicating…), of prototyping and testing them… and this is only possible in a structure with a bigger purpose. That’s probably why I am super excited by the Brussels’ Media Innovation Lab project, even if I’m managing it from The Philippines. The Media Innovation Lab is crowdsourced (fill the survey if you want to give your advice) so probably fully in line with my research, but it gathers people on a bigger purpose. And that’s enough to motivate me!

Earlier today, Thomas Marzano retweeted a tweet from @brechtjedeleij that caught my attention: “8 Insights About The Coming Era Of Interactive Design” from FastCompany. I clicked on it and waited for the video to load. 18 minutes… but produced/sponsored by Microsoft and starring people from some of the most innovative companies out there: Frog, Arduino, Twitter… I believed it worth the wait… especially since A Glimpse Ahead, a similar (while shorter) initiative from Microsoft really inspired me a few years ago at the beginning of my research (my DICoDE era) as already blogged in here.

And I haven’t been disappointed! It actually tackles most of the topics of my current research. Even connecting directly Mobile to Smart Cities, while I still believed we had to go through Transportation for making the link (like I tried to reveal it during the last Mobile Monday Brussels I organised/curated). It’s just a great source of inspiration and, I have to confess, of validation for the concepts I’m currently trying to connect. It feels very refreshing and energising seeing a big company having the same wavelength of research as me and being able to tell the story in a very compelling way. Maybe I need to connect to more Microsoft people for my big 2014 challenge!

It is interesting to see that Microsoft, often seen stuck between the Über-cool Apple and the Über-geeky Google, has a vision that is very compelling and, on a personal note, very close to mine. While Google sees the Internet of Things as a layer on glasses (even if Berg brings them closer to the most probable – while less sic-fi – Smart Objects track), I believe the future of Experience is Natural, as I explain in this talk.

I just hope that Microsoft will be able to bring this vision to the market listening to their users and not acting as an artsy-fartsy creator.

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