Telenet’s Yelo DICoDEd

While planning my visits to New York and San Francisco, I realized I was missing the Mobile Monday event on Tablets. With Carole Lamarque (@caroberry), my former manager at Sanoma Mobile and now friend talking about her Yelo second screen project at Telenet. I thus proposed her to use DICoDE to analyze Yelo’s position in its ecosystems: Distribution of the app, Consumption of the EPG feature and Consumption of the TVOD feature using DICoDE Strategies.

We also used DICoDE Business Models in order to show how free apps are very good at capturing Attention and Engagement of users but how a Relationship step is needed before reaching transactional possibilities. Carole also included KANO model from Dennis Claus of Insites Consulting in the SlideShare presentation.

Carole also kindly accepted to give DICoDE 2011 handout to the attendees. Contact me if you want a printed copy!

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