Business Models. More Fun in The Philippines

I am starting a new series, inspired by the country that’s currently my home, since early October and for many more months to come. I’ve been seduced by the latest advertising campaign promoting the country lately, and by the big meme it generated on the web: More Fun in The Philippines.

One of the things that caught my attention when I first came to The Philippines in 2009: the stores where different kinds and qualities of rice are displayed side by side. And none of them has the same price! I knew then that I wanted to use this image, but for what exactly, I didn’t know yet.

So here it is! I’ve decided to update every few weeks my Facebook Timeline with a new visual showing how this country is inspiring me day after day, with its most common, ordinary traits. Starting with Business Models.
This could be a conversation starter on social networks.

The theme will always be related, far or close, to my Leanovation and/or DICoDE projects. Using a foreigner’s perspective, I want to highlight that technology or business techniques can be used or seen differently in another country, from another continent, in another culture. And this More Fun in The Philippines concept allows doing so using a very tongue-in-cheek humor which is one of the best traits of the Filipinos, beside being very kind and always smiling =o)

So expect very exotic pictures, surprisingly innovative ways of hacking technology or business techniques, perspectives on how we see things in the West and hopefully some inspiring conversations on Facebook and Twitter!

[Update January 8th 2013]: Here’s the second one, on Branding!


[Update February 5th 2013]: Here’s the third one on Metrics, inspired by the Lean Analytics workshop of Kickstart given by Pollenizer

Metrics, more fun in The Philippines

[Update March 7th 2013]: Here’s the fourth one on Cord-cutting, a concept all Telco players start to know very well. Dedicated to all my friends working in the Cable and Telecom industry


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  1. pink psyche says:

    Only in the Philippines! 😀

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