LinkedIn based peer assessment for Fabian Tilmant

Last month, I connected to this LinkedIn app that sends a survey to your network and provides you with results. The main advantage is that the answers are anonymous which guarantees more qualitative results. I would like to thank the 65 people who participated and helped me having a better view on my strengths and weaknesses. I definitely take your advice into account for the rest of my journey, and, in fact, it is aligned with my goals for 2013 and 2014 =o)

The full report is available here if you’re curious! I’m just posting here the 10 statements that some respondents left. And to answer the last one, We can share a beer anytime! =o)

Fabian’s greatest strength is to transform abstract concepts into a structured framework. Fabian can improve on translating the concepts into clearly understandable points instead of relying on the audience being on the same mental wavelength as him
Professional Acquaintance

Up to date with technology and its possebilities. Better reaching out for what he wants or needs.
Professional Acquaintance

Greatest strength: vision and know-how! Point of growth: self-confidence (meaning that it is OK to question and challenge yourself, but it mustn’t become self-doubt)

Fabian is an entrepeneur. He has great ideas, clear vision and strong creativity to bring out solutions for users. He perhaps needs to go further on delivering final results and do it very well when he’s leading a team

Visionary Deliver on the vision in full.
Professional Acquaintance

Very productive and creates good product and launching/marketing. Needs to establish his geographical base – Asia or Europe – or USA?

Fabian is persistent and focused on achieving the objectives set while keeping an open mind towards alternative solutions for reaching the objectives.

Likeability and initiative are key strengths. More rigor in analysis grounded in real-life situations and the ability to make credible long term commitment to a business project are areas for improvement.
Worked Together but at different companies

Fabian is great at identifying new ideas, approaches and trends. He is very driven and has a clear appetite for innovation. His greatest area for improvement is to control this appetite for the new and to focus on turning ideas into reality.
Worked Together but at different companies

We have just worked so far, we should have some beers as well one day 🙂

[Update January 17th 2013]: I just want to express how grateful and happy I am to be seen the way I feel I belong: as an Investigative type of person. I’ve worked very hard for the last 5 years to thrive in this direction, after more than 5 years proving my value as a doer. I hope that I’ll be able moving forward in this direction pursuing my projects (DICoDE, Leanovation, Media Innovation Lab…) and that I’ll find a structure where these skills are valued and challenged.

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