Debriefing Leanovation website’s first draft

Ali and Laure from DigitalPark are busy helping me creating something appealing online for Leanovation. They already did a great job and here’s the debriefing! I received very rich and inspired feedback from my Twitter friends. Thanks a lot to them!

Of course, this is a bad rendering (click on it if it doesn’t play) of what they did (here if we haven’t move on yet) but it’s a first prototype, right? ;o) Here’s the consolidated feedback:

  • Focussing on the model as it is, getting rid of title and footer. We’ll explain through overlayer windows
  • Bringing more volume and a human touch to it. It feels a bit cold, especially the user in the middle
  • Using something extra for “more”: contact, extra information… I’m thinking of a label-like button somewhere on the screen
  • Set up of the 2 wheels, especially the one to the right. Labels will be something related to the Lean Startup method (Build-Measure-Learn) like MAKE-TEST-ADAPT. I think the first one to be reached by the arrow should be MAKE and TEST should face the user in the middle. So a graphical adaptation is needed. Or maybe the first one to be touched would be ADAPT…
  • Making more clear that the white bubbles are actually clickable for a second level of reading

Here we go! Let’s see how the next iteration will look like… =o)

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