Mabuhay Leanovation !

Here I am! It’s been a month already that I landed here in The Philippines and I’m back in business. This first month was focused mostly on the apartment I am sharing with my Love: fixing paperwork, installation details, internet connection, administration…The place is gorgeous and the view is breahtless, check it out! It was really worth spending a month on the set up! We’re located in the best neighborhood of Metro Manila in my opinion: Bonifacio Global City. A sort of mini-Manhattan half finished with residential buildings, office places and a lot of greens!

The Philippines is not only a beautiful country with amazingly friendly people, it is also a very promising economy on the Asian scene. And in these times where Western Economies are struggling between reality of worldwide trade and comfort habits above what they can afford, Metro Manila is definitely a place where you can both dream and get real! It’s a place where Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility are hardwired in people’s hearts.
If you look at figures, you can see that The Philippines has impressive potential, growth rate and volume in innovative sectors like the Internet, Mobile, Social Networks, E-commerce. And having met with the people who are making it happen at the moment, I can tell that these perspectives are justified! Grassroots networks like Roofcamp, Mobile Monday, Startup Weekend, Social Innovation Camp, Rail Girls, Geek Girls… and many kinds of Hackathon stimulate young entrepreneurs, coders, enthusiasts to make it happen (check out to see all these initiatives)! While technology has never been so easy to mold!

I am particularly close to Kickstart through their LaunchGarage initiative in which I have the honor being a mentor. I’m doing my best helping MyLegalWhizSulit AppsTripsiders and WorkInspire (upgrade of Kolibo) in their quest!
All this started 2 years ago when I contacted Jay of Proudcloud to find a coworking space to start writing the (then DICoDE) book in a stimulating environment… Serendipity!

DICoDE, which I left on the side, giving full focus on Leanovation on this blog, seems to follow the 3-year rule I experienced in 10+ years being active in Innovation. It seems that I have developed a capability to come up with Product/Business Model concepts 2 to 3 years ahead of the market, which would mean that DICoDE will hit mainstream in the coming months. I actually feel it seeing how Media and Telecom corps are having a bad time, especially in mature markets. Entertainment industry will follow. Only Device and Software giants understood the Ecosystem logic and are using it very well. At least for the American ones… This also shows that the Platform tools I wanted to develop are also aligned with where the market is heading…
I’m still looking, just like for Leanovation, for partners to develop and deploy these concepts on the market. My dream partner being Activate for DICoDE. They never replied to my requests =o(

My goal in the coming weeks is thus to wrap up the DICoDE Value Proposition in a simple slideshare presentation (including this 2010 and 2011 ones) in order to explain it simply and fully to potential partners. And maybe The Philippines will be a good context to develop this… I hope that the storytelling of it will be good enough to pass the message in the right way…

On Leanovation, I have a few things to take care of. I still have to finish the website, which is supposed to be self-explanatory. I already gathered, based on the existing status of the site, a lot of positive feedback from very interesting people, mostly through Twitter: Tim KastelleRalph-Christian Ohr, Alexander Osterwalder, Bill Fischer, Clo Willaerts, Siddy Jobe, Romain Saillet, Laurence Vanhée, John Wenger, the Whiteboard team, Dave Gray, Jonah Lupton, Jim Bland… (sorry to those I forgot to list here) and a lot of friends!
I also want to continue explaning in detail, just like I did for the User Research, every step of the process.
And last but not the least, I’d like to start a “Leanovation vs …” series where I locate many existing concepts (top of my mind are doing/thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Operations –Marketing for Peter F. Drucker– and Innovation, Left Brain and Right Brain, Design Thinking and System Thinking…) in Leanovation to show that it tackles most of the modern tools for re-thinking industries.

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