(New) Media Ecosystem Maturity Steps

Last night, I was explaining to my fellow Cleverwood partners my vision of New Media markets opportunities and difference between Brand and Business. To do so, I explained the way I see a (New) Media Ecosystem gaining maturity. It all starts with Infrastructure. Look at Newspaper industry (not possible without having invented printing industry), TV industry (not possible without having invented telecommunication transmission) or all New Media that wouldn’t be here without the internet. At the same level, there are devices. Infrastructure and Device industries have to be synchronized in order to bring an end-to-end solution to the market. That’s the reason why, in Telecom, most infrastructure players (Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens…) have, or used to have, a device division.

Then, you have the Media. Not only the content, but also the media platform (separated or not from the device; compare newspaper and mobile media) that will carry on both content and advertising (remember the Golden Triangle?). Media attracts an audience that will, at last, give credibility to this ecosystem.

Finally, you now have all the elements allowing creating business models that include most of the time attention-based advertising. At least until now. This last element creates a platform logic and enables possible platform utility to make the whole ecosystem grow and flourish.

For the exercise, you could just map the device and the network infrastructure on DiCoDE and see where media, audience and advertising/business models (related to user currencies) stand.

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