Business Model Innovation

I just finished “Business Model Generation”. It is a very inspiring book (one of my references) and it triggered several thoughts for DiCoDE. It is in fact the right moment to consider such things as Business Model Innovation because I met in the last weeks 4 different people that inspired me in this direction. As you can see, my personal growth plan uses DiCoDE to move from traditional New Media Consulting to Business Transformation. It is in fact a logical step considering New Media Ecosystems Maturity Scheme I drafted a few days ago. That’s why I contacted these 4 Belgium-based organizations I follow for a while. It was time to meet and share DiCoDE with them and get their feedback. I was also curious about each project.

I started meeting Johan Van Mol at lunchtime a few weeks ago in Antwerpen. I was intrigued by his Buckminster project and very excited by his “Turning tomorrow’s market into business” blog post. He describes perfectly why technology enabled a cultural post-industrial shift in the world of business. It also connected a few thoughts of mine and trends highlighted in many sources like sociology classes 15 years ago and documentaries seen on TV and online. The speed gap concept is exactly what most (if not all) corporations, cradled and fed lately. Led by industrial-minded managers who are not understanding why yesterday (and sometimes, literally yesterday!)’s values are turned upside-down. Why broadcasting is dying, why mass-market is crumbling, why businesses must become brands and engage conversations.
Johan is also writing a book and helping corporations understanding before transforming themselves to adapt to this new world. We already shared tips and tricks;o)

My second meeting with Board of Innovation’s Philippe De Ridder was triggered by the need for a French-speaking consultant for a mission in Paris, at a global Telco player, in search for guidance for improving their customer’s journey. It is in fact Johan Van Mol who recommended me=o)
I was really impressed by their openness, their dynamic attitude, their creativity in order to connect tools, people, organizations… and in fact anything relevant to achieve their goals: accompany companies in their transformation. It also connects beautifully to design processes I learned to understand via BusinessQuests’ Alex (I already partner with on innovative Tele-Media projects) and in the Business Model Generation book.

I gathered both last meetings the same day. First with FutureLab’s Alain Thys. He explained me in details how FutureLab, an international network initiated from Belgium, is helping corporations tackling business problems related to innovation, with a focus on generating profit. He was also very interested in hearing about DiCoDE. We agreed to get in touch short-term about possible Mobile-related projects and mid-term when DiCoDE will be ready to be published.

Last but not least was my visit to The Fifth Conference (named after Solvay’s 5th conference that gathered 17 – out of the 21 attendees – Nobel Prizes or soon to be Nobel Prizes)’s  Frank Boermeester. His very interesting structure (started with 4 publications about innovation enablers and related conferences), and upcoming plans for gathering a Council of Innovators that will share knowledge and thoughts and elect top innovation enablers for the future, really thrilled me. He was very curious about DiCoDE and proposed me to join this Council. Frank also proposed me to publish a few blog posts related to particular aspects of DiCoDE further analyzed. I’ll keep you posted about this…

All 4 projects are set to full-scale activities in 2011, so timing is perfect. I can’t wait to interact with them, based on DiCoDE – the book, in order to help corporations transforming themselves.

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