So Coal Network as DiCoDE Easter Egg

When i initially created DiCoDE, i wanted to highlight, even if it’s not (yet) directly related, how important energy is, and will increasingly be, in New Media. Servers, devices, computers… everything that is digital needs power supply. And will have (well, Greenpeace reminds us through this Facebook: Unfriend Coal campaign it’s already – see video below) a major impact on the overall balance of humanity. So i added this “Easter Egg” to the model, having a plug at the lower right side of it. Some (clever) people noticed it. Some didn’t. I just hope it will help raise a bit more awareness about how responsible we all are in these global stakes.

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2 Responses to So Coal Network as DiCoDE Easter Egg

  1. RRR says:

    It’s quite clever and ingenious to add that little plug to your model design. Incorporating an environmental dimension to DiCoDE gives it more heart, more soul. Thanks!

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