Regulation: The Empire Strikes Back

Recent announcement from European Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia about Antitrust preliminary investigation towards Apple is quite interesting. It shows reinforcement of regulation in New Media. This is a trend I highlight in UnCoDE (DiCoDE present): after having allowed New Media innovators grow by being very weak and very slow, regulation is striking back by attacking these companies now. In Europe just like in the US.

Web services and companies such as Youtube, Google, Apple, Facebook…have risen so quickly thanks to their high control of technology and quick innovation capabilities, sometimes infringing rules related to copyright or privacy. Low and unadapted regulation authorities have not been able reacting quickly and strongly enough until recently. But lately, thanks to lower influence of technology and adaptation of these regulators, ecosystems are being more strongly governed. And this will have a major impact on short term stakes in Digital Content Distribution Ecosystems.

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