Imagining DICoDE’s next level

Right before leaving for a week on holidays, I’m taking the time to look back at the 2 years of this project. These last months, I’ve met a lot of incredible people! It’s been a while since I’ve met such an awesome bunch of interesting individuals, looking in the same direction. And, of course, it triggers thoughts…
During the same time, DICoDE evolved from an augmented value chain for New Media to a whole process (incl. tools) that enables innovation in almost any industries in 4 steps: Strategy, Research, Design and Implementation. With a focus on my side for Media, Entertainment and Telecom ecosystems.

Taking these 2 elements together, I think there is an opportunity to create the Strategic Consulting Agency of the future, focussed on Innovation. I don’t believe anymore in a centralized model. Instead, I think a network of independent consultants makes very much more sense. A network is flexible in terms of strength, size, shape, density… and can easily adapt to change. Working with independent professionals allows focussing on clients’ problems instead of being bound by the structure’s obligations.

This last week, I’ve seen this Future of PR initiative by Golin Harris (with PSFK) and their PRevolve and g4 concepts. I find very interesting that an actor of such a conservative sector redefines himself so thoroughly. I like their new structure and find it interesting in the scope of this new Strategic Consulting Agency. Let’s have a look at it:

As I see things, I’d like to focus on the first layer: Strategists. Of course, I believe in connecting with other roles, especially through partnerships, but the Office I’d like to co-create should focus on this Strategy roles: Business and Marketing Analysis, Positioning, Business Models, Research, Design… The ideal would be of course to have a 4 (or more) floor building with 1 team for each role ;o)
My view is that the team would be composed of experts. each one would focus on an industry, a sector, a problematic… tackling future of Tourism, future of Banking and Finance, future of Mobility, future of Retail… for instance. I’d like to meet people passionate about a sector as much as I am passionate about Media. I really believe that being focussed on redefining one industry, with traditional players or disrupters, is the way to go for bringing the best possible solutions to the market. These experts would extend their international network, would release White Papers, would speak and attend conferences worldwide, would connect to any association, formal or informal network that would make sense in this particular problematic… and would create their network of Creators, Connectors and Catalysts in order to propose solutions to their clients. They would serve as a platform in other words. The added value of the Office would be to share methods and tools, to exchange views, to force one to think laterally, connecting to other industries. I believe people working/thinking/creating together in an inspiring place, beside lowering structure and fixed costs, enables finding the very best solution to a client’s challenges.

Concretely, I am looking for at least 3 or 4 consultants who are ready to test this model for a year, sharing the cost of a common office in Brussels. I am looking for strategic thinkers, sharing this view on Innovation and Business, ready to create this open space for anything that triggers Innovation: experiments, common library, brainstorming and meeting spaces, open working space… If you feel like talking about it, get in touch!

[Update August 24th 2011]: I’ve updated the 4-step process with outcomes and a loop dimension. Here it is. Any feedback?

Credits: Gollin Harris and PSFK
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3 Responses to Imagining DICoDE’s next level

  1. If I have not misunderstood your call for people to join you in this trial of one year, you seem to be adopting a horizontal approach by asking for strategy profiles. Why not focus on one vertical with 4-5 people matching the different profile types? Strategy without execution is worthless imnsho.

  2. Sorry if I haven’t been clear enough in the post. The purpose is to gather like-minded people who could share inspiration, experience and tools to enrich each other’s expertise. So, indeed, an horizontal approach.
    Of course, each Strategist (in his/her particular domain) needs to gather a full network of people to help clients implementing solutions. Ideally people as passionate as (s)he is by the sector/topic. For instance, I will involve relevant people of my network in my tracks: Media, Telecom, Entertainment and Mobility in all the steps of the Innovation process.
    Some Creators, Connectors and Catalysts of my track can also help projects of other tracks, managed by companions of this Office. Synergies of networks, tools, methods, best practices… is the cornerstone of the whole initiative.

    I see the strategy profile as the initiator of Innovation initiatives at Clients, being established “old business” corporations or new “start-up” initiatives. Following the process drafted at the beginning of the post, (s)he will overview the Strategy, Research and Design steps. (S)He can also be involved in the Implementation phase, if the Client agrees.

    We all know that Innovation needs, if not triggered, to be at least supported by top level. That’s why Strategy (and Business Models) is the first step of the process.

    I hope I’ve clarified.

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