Disrupt Yourself! Really?

Note: this post is not related to the excellent paper from Harvard Business Review: Disrupt Yourself by Whitney Johnson which tackles more Personal Development. A choice I initiated 2 years ago, starting this project.

The more I pitch my project of creating the Innovation Strategy Consulting structure of the Future, the more I realize there are 2 ways forward and 2 kind of companies to help. Either we help existing established companies to make the move towards the New World, either we help New Entrants to disrupt these Ecosystems-Formerly-Known-As-Businesses.

I love the first approach because it means getting back to the roots, to the values, to the beliefs, to the identity of an established corporation and re-thinking it in the New World. It means getting back this “perverted by the passing time” passion that animated the founders to empower it with today’s tools. Lately, I had discussions with people from Mobility, NGO and Education who feel lost, unadapted to the outside world and who would like to find the keys to continue their mission. These emerging projects could be the base of the Network of Passionate Innovators I’d like to gather.
I believe that this approach of re-empowering existing traditional corporations and helping them re-find a balance can be achieved following 2 different paths: inside the company or outside the company, like people at Activate suggest in this wonderful presentation (Redefiners) on Media:

Change being lead outside the company can seem like the easiest, or the only possible solution. Still, I believe companies, with involvement from the Top Management, can transform themselves from the inside too.

Helping New Entrants (that are not emerging from existing established organizations) is a thrill. No legacy, no inheritance… But no soul neither and the risk to only interest Innovators or Early Adopters. So, sometimes, an exit is the Business Model and there’s no Purpose in the enterprise. This is the boundary I would like not to cross myself…

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