After having spent 10 wonderful weeks in The Philippines in a very isolated way, I’ve just spent 2 great weeks full of meet up’s with interesting people. As much as it was important to take some distance on busy days and overload of informations over there (that’s the reason why I can’t follow up on foresight lately), it was equally crucial to challenge my thoughts and findings with people willing to share their view and able to follow my mind-squiggles;o)

I attended a fascinating HackDemocracy event (full program here) that I still need to digest fully, met up again with Board of Innovation guys (Nick and Philippe) where we explained each other our plans and even found a possible way to connect their model to DIRT, finding a possible way to map business model steps and currencies for other industries than Tele-Media. I also met Els from Alcatel Lucent who gave me a great advice on how to close DIRT loop at content level and challenged DICoDE through Telecom eyes.

I also met Gilles, an old friend who is experiencing innovation processes and, of course, Alex, to share, 1 year after our first chat, our respective findings.

Before coming back, I was wondering which environment would suit me best for writing the book. I was interested by co-working spots (like The Hub I visited last year, but which didn’t convince me in the end) and was ready to test BetaGroup CoWorking, but I remembered Joannes from Namahn I met last year at Mobile Monday (where I attended a very interesting conference on Legal last week too!), exchanging our respective model. Check out their Human-Centered Design map! It worth it!
I remembered having seen on their website that they can host people in certain cases. So I gave a try and am now officially “writer in residence at Namahn” =o) It’s really a great place to get inspired and synthesize thoughts. I’ll test it as a workshop place very soon…

So now is the time to make the most of these 2 days a week focussed on the book and to find a mission for the remaining 3 days. I also need “nourriture terrestre”… ;o)
But following Alex’ guidance, I might find a third way in between these… Keeping you posted!

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