DiCoDE – the book: planting the seed

My commitment was to start writing on November 1st. And I am… =o) DiCoDE grew in my mind for the last 15 months, sketeched on papers, on this site, during conversations with people around me… I also challenged the model towards all foresight I’ve done for the last months online and reading books. And which I am doing now on this site too

Now is the time to plant the seed and start writing. My editor is awaiting for material to check and ideas have matured enough to be thrown on paper. I’ve started with the structure that I’ll challenge with her and move on. I’ve gathered a few questions from reading my reference books and it’s time to find the answer that suits the best to DiCoDE!

I’ll also start looking for my guest writers and investigate printing/publishing possibilities. I am open to any proposition (I already received a few), so feel free to share your ideas!

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