Handing out in Brussels, NYC and SF

These last 3 weeks have been very important in DICoDE’s history. First of all, the hand out prototyped recently has been printed in time for 2 weeks of networking in the US. It looks gorgeous! And the final product follows the spirit of the intended design. I’m very excited sharing it and thrilled by the positive feedback I received so far.

Doing my best to include IME (that seems to be rebranded to IESE)’s team as IME is part of DICoDE’s legacy, I planned a week in NYC. Every year, NYC is a great source of inspiration for my upcoming projects. It’s the worldwide center of Media and it has this vibes that really helps me moving forward. Also, US market is very important for DICoDE! I also had the opportunity to attend an Hacks/Hackers event and to meet very interesting people there.
What’s interesting in this initiative is that it gathers journalists and technologists. As I will explain in the book, technology is the major enabler of profound changes in Media universe. And the risk is that core actors of this universe (in this case journalists) are left alone because they lack being able using this tool.

Initiatives like Hacks/Hackers, but also HackDemocracy (and standalone initiatives like Hack for Egypt I haven’t been able to attend in Stanford) or OWNI try to fill the technological gap and allow Media to adapt themselves to this changing environment, keeping (or getting back to?) their core identity. And I believe DICoDE, in its full version (incorporating the complex world of content creation and production), will help reaching this goal. I also discussed with like-minded people recently about a few initiatives we could set up in the same direction.

The second week started with a missed opportunity (due to longer than expected commuting): San Francisco Music Hack Day. The concept is fairly the same, but focussed obviously on another Media/Entertainment domain: Music. The purpose of this second week in San Francisco was to join the Belgians Webmission initiative. The purpose is to aggregate start-ups (primarly) and enthusiats during the Google I/O week in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone’s network, meet-up with start-ups from the Bay Area allow to better understand do’s and don’t’s in web and mobile related entrepreneurship.
this is a great opportunity to see the Premier League of this universe and to feel if your initiative is better managed there or somewhere else. It’s also a very inspiring adventure as checkthis guys (Fred and Melvyn) explain it here, or Stanislas (see tweets from May 17th till May 19th), or Storified herehereherehere, here and here, or following all participants.

My personal + and –

+ Great vibes from both Belgian participants and hosts
+ I feel closer to the californian entrepreneurship values than the ones I witnessed and lived here: money is seen as a mean to Change the World and not as an end, like often in Belgium
+ Their can do and make it happen attitudes are very thrilling and inspiring
+ The context in all its dimensions (from climate to administration, from values to city planning…) serves the purpose: make successful products
+ We share the same vision that B2C and B2B are 2 sides of a same coin
+ Great individuals from KISSMetrics, Playfish, FlipBoard, Qik…
+ I love the forward payback concept

– Even if you don’t feel greed from these guys we met there, there’s still an obsession for money
– I haven’t been able attending the visit to the radio show at L’Atelier US, I missed the SF Founder Institute and I haven’t dare sharing DICoDE with the whole SF New Tech audience. Next year for sure! =o)

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