Prototyping for the Webmission

In parallel to the preparation of the book, I am getting ready to join the Belgians Webmission to the Silicon Valley. In fact, I am going to spend a week in NYC to reconnect to people I met during the IME Business Class that initiated this whole project. Then, I am going to join the other participants of the Webmission (schedule under definition).

It is now a tradition that I don’t just present my project verbally or only through a powerpoint and, based on recent self-awareness on connections between my path and design, I feel obliged to present it the best possible way. To do so, I like to follow advices I learned in my design readings (especially Brand Driven Innovation, Business Model Generation and some IDEO publications), prototyping in this case. I see 2 main advantages using prototypes:

  • First, prototyping allows you not to fall in love with your creation. The purpose is to assemble quickly elements to illustrate your thoughts and start a process of review and iteration
  • Secondly, using prototypes is a great way to brief (that’s actually what Laure, the designer I’m working with for all layout I make, told me) people: it shows exactly, in 3 dimensions, what you mean

Thus, I made a first prototype to brief Laure and started writing texts for this handout I plan to give to people crossing my road in the US. I’m quite happy about it and I’m sure it’s gonna help us save time and print something great. And I’m also planning including tracing paper I already experimented with.

Funny, looking for the IDEO prototype example you see up here, I found it on the OWNI site (text in french) where Damien (I still need to skype-call) works…

[Update April 29th 2011]: Just updated the prototype as it should be printed in a few hours to preview it to someone I’d like to share it with already:

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5 Responses to Prototyping for the Webmission

  1. dirk says:

    hello Fabien,

    I took the time to take a look @your project here. Passed here some time ago too when i was really busy and couldn’t find the pace to read it then. But now i did. Looks interesting, i must say. Looking forward to the result!


  2. Hi Dirk, Thanks a lot for your comment and for having taken the time to look at my project! Let’s catch up some time!

  3. dirk says:

    let’s do that. we will be able to compare our US experiences 🙂
    Maybe on Jazz Gent?

  4. Yep, why not! Jazz Gent is now an important milestone in the history of my project=o)

    Enjoy NYC and Boston!

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