OMG I created a Monster!

It’s always good to sit back and take some distance to see what you’ve done and what’s remaining. I’m currently in a race for finishing the second chapter drafted content (light green branch at the bottom; orange-left one is done) tonight in order to have first 2 chapters wrapped and reviewed by the end of the week-end. But, for a few days already, I had the feeling I was running in the dark, talking about the same concepts, with different topics and points of view, and not being sure the right content was at the right place. That’s why i’ve taken some time to sketch a mind map of the book structure and… It’s a damn mess (and last level is missing for some branches!)!

It’s actually a great exercise for reviewing it with my editor. Her job is to help me for the style, the rhythm and the tone. She has a lot of work, apparently;o) I’ll look at it with her tonight or tomorrow. Until then, let’s head for finishing this damn 2nd chapter!

As Fred would say, Tayoooooo!

[Update] OK, it doesn’t look much better, but it’s waaaaay clearer to me now! I’ve merged Chapt 1 and Chapt 2’s core into a new Chapter 2 and used both intros to make an overall intro. So no need to create more content for now, let’s connect it!
Chapt 3 seems promising too… I’ll discuss this with my editor now, take care!

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