Liquid Content, Hyperconnectivity and User Context enabling Media Surfaces

Do you remember BERG London? They created, a few week before the announcement of the iPad this gorgeous video showing how Printed Press could look on tablets. My personal favorite in their portfolio is this map for NYC

But let’s get back to their Media Surfaces project! They gather, in a more subtle (and less Minority Report, as they say;o) manner, the concepts of Liquid Content (cc Gerd Leonhard), Hyperconnectivity and User Context. It’s interesting how they use existing screens (I call them connected objects) to display media information. So media content is liquid (stepping out of apps), not related to proprietary interfaces anymore (being paper, PC, TV, smartphone…) and used in a relevant context for the user, displayed on any available and connected screen (even your alarm clock). This reflection about content is also related to attention, engagement and information filters, which are actually the topics I am currently tackling in the writing of the book!

I personally love the Guardian article printed on the coffee shop ticket! And have you noticed the reference to the (Minority Report-like, this time) Microsoft a gimpse ahead video? The mug that doesn’t show the weather, the temperature or the calories count of the coffee;o)

[Update] Removed the nice pic hosted at Flickr. It kept showing a This photo is currently unavailable message #fail

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