Sharing DiCoDE with Georg Petschnigg (Microsoft Pioneer Studios)

Thanks to my ex-colleague and friend Katrien, I’ve been able to explain DiCoDE model to Georg Petschnigg during REMIX 2010. Georg is co-founder at the Microsoft Pioneer Studios, a design venture team that develops new consumer business projects. His keynote was very inspiring and interesting. Here are a few highlights:

  • Adopt a design perspective when defining new customer products. I’ve looked for years how to connect my love for product design and my experience in New Media. It’s becoming clearer now… especially for RiCoDE era… His process is Identifying Insights from Market, Develop Product(s) around the Core Idea and Scale it to reach a Market
  • A few interesting trends on use of New Media in India, like Nokia phones’ embedded radio having a structural and cultural influence on Indian radio landscape, boosting new radio stations. Also the “podcast step” in Indian internet consumption: people downloading useful websites, web pages and information on a USB key at Internet Café to consult it quietly home on family computer
  • 3 reads logic bridging the gap between Industrial Design and Interaction Design: Form/L&F, Touch/Controls and Use/Features. Justifying NUI and Experience presence in RiCoDE. I can’t agree more
  • Same for Key Role of Passion, quoting Georg W.F. Hegel : “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”. Soul is an ingredient I increasingly try to add to the projects I get involved in. Especially in DiCoDE the book!
  • Courier concept has always been interesting. Not as powerful as iPad (because Apple’s product is open enough to allow users and complementors to enlarge its domain of use) but definitly interesting. And no, Steve, using a pen is not un-natural, especially in a creation process…

The 30 minutes chat I had with him afterwards was also very inspiring! We talked about Earned Media, Future of Advertising and i went into details on all 3 DiCoDE models: past, present and future.

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