“Looking Through A Black Mirror” DiCoDEd

Last week I attended Belgian Marketing Foundation‘s conference around iPad (see slides here under). A few interesting points triggered thoughts that could be interesting for DiCoDE and beyond:

  • 3 key elements are Content, Media and Advertising. That’s the Golden Triangle I highlighted in my Mobile Monday presentation 2 years ago. I called platform what they call media though, being more general (think portal, social network…). I intuitively used the platform term, realizing a few months later the importance of the word (look for platform logic and platform utility in DiCoDE general presentation)
  • I liked the terms lean back and lean forward for expressing active media and passive media
  • It’s interesting to see that hotels adopted iPads very quickly while Microsoft presented 1 main use of Surface in hotels too, before it was even released. Now, we don’t hear about it anymore… Once again, it’s interesting to see how people are “taming” new devices, inventing ways to use it and to have them better serving their own needs. Don’t impose, enable!
  • To me, touch devices are a middle-step, a podcast-step as i like to say, before full adoption of NUI on connected everyday life devices (connected fridge is my favorite example)
  • I already embraced Corelio’s 0-1-7 strategy 2 years ago. Their new vision is interesting, yet disturbing: iPad is the 3rd window, the “real 3D” while 1D is paper, 2D is web+mobile. iPad playing the “magazine role”. i find it a bit short…
  • Corelio also understood the need to move from morning paper to news brand (their own words). It’s not about products anymore, it’s about brands and curation! Look at Service and Experience layers in RiCoDE…
  • Corelio is seeking to merge daily newspaper and breaking news in their next products. Interesting… i think semantic could help there…
  • They also go for a bundle strategy (like many newspaper, including Libération), which makes very much sense imho!
  • Corelio highlights 3 key success factors for users (1. rich offer of content; 2. open platform; 3. experience through convenience, hyperconnectivity and uniqueness) and 4 for publishers (1. profitability; 2. control of the value chain; 3. CRM and 4. going multiplatform)
  • iPad is the best glossy magazine, reinforced by interesting figures
  • NUI, hyperconnectivity and all that makes RiCoDE makes advertising more engaging than GUI-based web ads. It leads us further CPM, towards CPL models
  • Lean back power: being lean back, people are more willing to be entertained, engaged, seduced… even by brands. They’re in the right state of mind…
  • Corelio already has a nice profiling tool for CRM purposes on iPad usage
  • “iAd is going to revolutionize mobile advertising,” said Rob Master, North American media director, Unilever. It could be interesting to go further Ad Production Ecosystem (green arrow on DiCoDE) with sales houses, media agencies, advertising agencies… Maybe José Luis Nueño, professor at IME, could help, as he’s Board Member at MPG…
    In parallel, Content Production Ecosystem would also deserve an analysis. Look at Content Farms…
  • Branded Utility (Sponsoring back in business) seems reaching momentum on markets, advertisers being very much willing to be seen as exclusive by customers
  • Brand being more important than product, with example from Michelin. Their vision being “Bringing people safer from A to B”, not talking about tyres… I’ve always believed, since I witnessed quarrels between COM and MKT departments, that product and brand will merge. And i still believe it…
  • New ad formats require expensive technological or creative costs. I still believe, passing a generation of Communication Directors, that above/below the line budgets will move to interactive channels and New Media. And this high production costs are just normal in this context. Added value being user data… And this triggers business opportunities for production agencies…
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