Google’s Senses

Last week I attended Momads‘ company presentation starring Google’s Peter Hamilton. His speech was interesting, highlighting a few long term trends Google is working on (Gmail, Youtube, Voice Search) and key drivers like Cloud and Connectivity (very DiCoDE!). He also highlighted that Google is focussing on User Experience. But the most interesting is a story he didn’t tell… too bad!

At the beginning of the speech, he highlighted how smartphones are becoming computers in your pocket. Spotting key features like speaker, camera, touch screen display, GPS that makes him “spatially aware” and microphone. Later on, he showcased apps like Goggles, Voice, Translate. This rang a bell to me: smartphones, together with Google software are mimicking traditional human senses (see illustration). Only missing are smell and taste. But I’m sure Google is working on it;o) I’ve added move through feet that are enabled by GPS chips in smartphones, mostly because Peter talked about how smartphones are “spatially aware”, and speech. It’s not perfect yet… but pretty cool though!

Seriously, this leads further my reflection about Natural User Interface. Smartphones being real devices that simulate human senses on a virtual interface. Interesting for RiCoDE…

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