UnCoDE on paper: experiment

DiCoDE/UnCoDE/RiCoDE (or DiCoDE past, present and future as they will be officially called) need to find their way on paper. Of course, digital distribution will be very important, but, as I already do with the original DiCoDE (for which I sent the latest print I had to Mobistar’s CEO Benoît Scheen today, after having read this interview where he talks about Computer Science, Telecom and Media convergence), i want to hand printed version of the model to interested people for them to experience it in real life.

As I want to work with UnCoDE and RiCoDE as layers added to DiCoDE, I validated with Laure that we could work with tracing paper. Here’s the first experiment (including mistakes in the content, but CTRL+Z doesn’t work here;o) i did for UnCoDE:

Bonus: Here’s the same for RiCoDE:

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