DMA NYC’s Mobile Media and Marketing 2010

Very interesting conference. Here are the tweets I posted:

  • @fabnet_be attending DMA and Mobile Marketer conference, starting by media going mobile #dmamm
  • Condé Nast, Sports Illustrated and MTV talking about necessity for some and opportunity for others to go mobile. And monetization #dmamm
  • Monetization is done based on content context and value, mixing several models like pre orfreemium, subscription, bundles incl Print #dmamm
  • Crossplatform creates experiences and is then more efficient for advertisers. The way to go for media. And make experiments! #dmamm
  • iPad, more than mobile sites and apps, helps increasing circulation (Sport Illustrated) #dmamm
  • Circulation should be done cross platform, through the whole brand universe, linking one media to another through offers and promo… #dmamm
  • Nothing beats SMS to drive circulation to radio and TV shows #dmamm
  • MTV: iPad is a game changer like paperback books in 30’s, boosting circulation #dmamm
  • Condé Nast female magazines consider enlarging their presence in the value chain, becoming shopping platforms #dmamm
  • SMS, mobile web, apps, games and barcodes are the ingredients you’re using to make the right secret sauce for your brand and audience #dmamm
  • iPad, more than smartphones, enables monitizing mobile videos. Interactive vids is sthg Condé Nast is investigating with advertisers #dmamm
  • Mobile-only cobtent (incl video) is not a must do, but there are several success stories, among others at MTV #dmamm
  • Separate mobile-only sales force or cross media one? What you need is specialists within your team to train others in real cases #dmamm
  • US main asset in mobile is their homogeneous and wide audience. Nothing more! #dmamm
  • IPhone penetration in US latino community is high because it’s the family phone an PC at the same time #dmamm
  • iPad will bring new ways of engaging with advertising (AT&T) #dmamm
  • iPad is brilliant for storytelling, content creation, immersion… (Hachette Filipacchi) Experience? #dmamm
  • HTML5 + 4G + new processors + cloud will build tomorrow’s mobile experience (Valhalla) #dmamm
  • Associated Press is moving from historical ad-funded to new models in mobile #dmamm
  • Choice of bus model (combination) depends on device, region, audience, brand, current trends… #dmamm
  • Nielsen: “question is not can we afford being on mobile, but can we afford NOT to be on mobile” #dmamm
  • Most effective ad sales for media on mobile is own sales force (AP and Time Out) #dmamm
  • Time Out is selling cross platform ad space so reach is as unstable as print, for technological reasons here #dmamm
  • Actually, americans don’t do it better than us, they just do it. Period. #dmamm
  • New measurement tools and new mobile specific metrics will arrive and allow building new analytic standards #dmamm
  • Media keep original logic: they look for volume, monitized through CPM. And time based sponsorship in certain cases #dmamm
  • Meredith Corp: we havent been successful online, even with 22M visitors #dmamm
  • Meredith Corp: We believe in SMS #dmamm
  • No network anymore till now. Steve, do i hold my iPod Touch right? #dmamm Here’s what u missed…
  • SMS engagement is reached through a win-win-win between user, advertiser and media #dmamm
  • Mobile offers more metrics possibilities than any other media before #dmamm
  • Mobile if the most functional device ever made (Razorfish) #dmamm
  • Users are consuming more content in less time on mobile compared to online (Millenial Media) #dmamm
  • Mobile allows delivering the most relevant ad messages ever (Wunderman) #dmamm
  • Voice is native to the mobile device, so think click-to-call (Millenial Media). Why not Voice Activation? #dmamm
  • Most iAd budgets don’t come from online world, but from traditional advertisers #dmamm
  • Advertisers will probably push Apple to improve metrics reports of iAd and share data #dmamm
  • US advertisers want to reach “the other 96%”, the non iPhone users #dmamm
  • Windows 7, thanks to high penetration in enterprises, will give a new boost to mobile media… If Microsoft doesn’t mess it up! #dmamm
  • Millenial Media: Retailers and restaurants realize that mobile user votes with his feet as much as he votes with his thumb #dmamm
  • Mobile is so much more and so much better than being relevant. There are so many data we can measure compared to other media! #dmamm
  • This conference was actually a workshop: everybody’s reacting, asking questions, taking notes… And noone’s tweeting (but me)! #dmamm
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